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Gap Year Australia :: What about crocs, sharks, snakes and spiders?

What about crocs, sharks, snakes and spiders?

It has been reported that Australia is home to eight (!) of the top ten deadliest snakes although chances are your paths will never cross. There are also deadly spiders, deadly crocodiles and scary sharks but fatal attacks are rare. Donít worry! Use your common sense and youíll be fine. In the North, however, make sure you check warning signs around beaches and lakes because salt water crocodiles are very dangerous. What else to look out for? Box jellyfish kill more people in Australia than snakes and spiders but they are only around at certain times of the year. To be safe, wear a stinger suit and if youíre unsure, check with a life guard before entering the water.

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What about crocs, sharks, snakes and spiders?

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