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Gap Year Australia :: accomodation


During your travels in Australia you could spend the night under the stars in the outback or a five star resort in the Whitsunday’s! Read on for our guide to the variety of accommodation available.

Hostels are the place of choice for many backpackers because as soon as you walk through the front door you’re in with like-minded people from all over the world! They are also the best value for money and can be a good laugh too. Some hostels hire backpackers to do cleaning and other odd jobs, offering free rent in return, so a couple of hours work can get you free rent for the night!

If you’re thinking of staying in town for a long period of time then maybe consider moving into a shared house. This means that you’ll be sharing better facilities than hostels and you could also end up with your own room! This is a top option for if you are working, as it means you can get a good night’s sleep (if that’s what you’re after, of course!). Hit up the local newspapers for this option.

How about living at a
Farmstay? It’s a wonderful opportunity to experience the amazing rural life and landscape of Australia. You can work to earn your keep on a farm out in the country. Your gap year is a chance to experience lots of things you have never tried before and getting out of your comfort zone and onto a farm is an unforgettable adventure.

Prices for accommodation can change for different times of the year depending on demand. You could even find yourself with no where to stay and nothing to do if you don’t book in advance during the peak times, so think ahead!



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