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Frequently Asked Questions

In this section we answer those questions you guys and gals always ask and will happily answer any more questions you have! To ask the team a question click here.

How much are flights to Oz? You’ll be looking at paying anything from £600-£1000 for a return ticket. Don’t forget that Australi...(more)
Can I drive in Australia? Yes - if you have a valid UK or Irish driving license you can drive in Australia (on the left, pleas...(more)
What’s the legal drinking age? The legal age for buying and consuming alcohol in Australia is 18....(more)
Where will I be able to find work? Finding work in Australia can sometimes take a little effort. Hit the streets and hand out your CV t...(more)
How much do hostels cost? The standard of hostels in Australia is generally very high due to competition (there are a lot of t...(more)
What is a tax file number and how do I get one? If you plan to work down under, you’ll need to acquire a tax file number (TFN), as well as a working...(more)
Can I use my bank or credit card there? Yes. Australia’s cash machines (ATMs) accept the international Cirrus, Plus and Visa card networks. ...(more)
Is Australia cheaper than the UK? Yes, most things are a little bit cheaper in Oz. In general, you will pay roughly the same amount fo...(more)
How much can I expect to get paid? The minimum wage for adults in Australia is around $15 per hour. Most jobs will pay about this, befo...(more)
What’s the best way to travel around? The best form of transport depends on what you want to get out of your trip. Flying with budget airl...(more)
Is it always hot there? Australia has a very diverse climate and is definitely not hot all the time! In the tropical north, ...(more)
What’s the public transport like in the big cities? Public transport in the major cities is great – reasonably priced and running ‘til late at night. Me...(more)
Should I buy or rent a car? Whether to buy or rent a car is often a dilemma that backpackers face when they arrive in the countr...(more)
Can I use my mobile phone over there? Most major networks will work in Australia, however you will have to ring up your network provider a...(more)
Do I need any vaccinations? Australia is one of the safest places in the world with regard to infectious diseases and you don’t ...(more)
What about crocs, sharks, snakes and spiders? It has been reported that Australia is home to eight (!) of the top ten deadliest snakes although ch...(more)
Do I need to buy travel insurance? Travel insurance is essential - always be prepared for the unexpected! What type to get and how much...(more)
What happens if I lose my passport while I’m there? If you’re unlucky enough to lose your passport or have it stolen, report it to the police (if you th...(more)
Where’s the best place to fly in to and fly out of? The most popular choice for backpackers is to fly in to either Melbourne or Sydney and finish up in ...(more)
Can I watch English football over there? Due to the success of the Socceroos at the 2006 World Cup, football (or soccer as it’s known in Aust...(more)
How much is a beer? A beer will set you back anything from $4 to $7 depending on where you are and the kind of establish...(more)
What’s the cheapest form of accommodation? Backpacker hostels are generally the cheapest form of accommodation, besides sleeping in your car or...(more)
What should I take with me? Try to take as little as possible as you will find yourself picking up stuff along the way and you’l...(more)
Can I claim my tax back after I leave? After working in Australia you could be entitled to a tax rebate due to not working for the full tax...(more)



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