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Gap Year Australia :: Agriculture and Horticulture Placements Gap Year in Australia


Rural work placements in Australia

AgriVenture is an awesome introduction to a new culture and a different working world. A placement will allow you to experience real life in another country, rather than just as a tourist.

We offer a unique opportunity for young people aged between 18 and 30 to travel and work within agriculture, horticulture and home management in Australia.

Here is an exciting opportunity for you to travel to “The Land Down Under” and be a part of working life in this incredibly diverse country. You will encounter the Australian way and be warmly welcomed into the community. This is a chance to check out Australia's vast outback, stunning beaches, tranquil rainforests, vibrant cities, abundant sunshine and laidback lifestyle, whilst expanding your agricultural knowledge.

AgriVenture is run by the International Agricultural Exchange Association (IAEA), a non governmental, non-profit membership organisation which has been operating since 1965. Around 30,000 young people have been hosted overseas on one of our programmes.

The experience you gain provides an excellent basis on which to choose or continue your career. We aim to provide you with an AgriVenture programme and an experience that money can’t buy. This really is a great way to see the world while, at the same time, gaining some work experience, learning some new tricks and having a great time!

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