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Sport Lived

Offer programmes in Australia for playing, coaching or honing your skills in an academy

At Sport Lived we believe that a gap year should be one of the most exciting, fulfilling experiences of your life; the chance to make new friends, live in a lively city and most importantly, develop and find the true you. That's why all of our programmes are tailored to individual requirements and have a focus on the personal side of gap year travel. We believe that finding out what you want to gain from your time away will allow us to make your year out genuinely special.

All of our programmes are focused around sport playing, coaching or honing your skills in an academy. We believe that combining sport with travel is the ultimate way to achieve an enjoyable, productive and fulfilling gap year for all sport lovers. For all of our programmes we offer fully furnished accommodation in exciting city suburbs and a mentor who will help you settle in and be on hand during your stay to offer any assistance you might need.

All of the countries to which we run programmes are renowned for their al fresco, action-packed approach to life and are perennially popular with travellers from all over the globe. Our programmes also give participants the chance to explore much more of these spectacular countries thus combining a passion for sort with fantastic travel opportunities.

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