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Work in a prestigious hotel, on a farm, or as a deck hand on a tall ship.

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Twin Work & Volunteer

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Gap Year Australia :: Gap Year Work Placements in Australia

Twin Work & Volunteer

Offer internship placements in Australia

Personalise your internship to meet your needs, whether it is a university requirement or a desire to experience another culture. Broaden your horizons or expand your career and lifestyle opportunities.

Choose between two of Australia’s leading cities:

Sydney is Australia's oldest city with a great economy. Many consider it to be the nations capital in every aspect but name. It's blessed with sun-drenched natural attractions, dizzy skyscrapers, a range of restaurants, superb shopping and friendly folk. Sydney has a vibrant energy and offers an invigorating blend of the old and the new, the raw and the refined. There are the traditional sites of the Sydney Opera house and the awe-inspiring harbour bridge or if you prefer to escape the hubbub, Manly Beach is only a short boat ride away.

Melbourne can be described as modern and authentic with its love for the high arts; Melbournians are equally passionate about football, fashion and restaurants. With its ravenous choice of music and theatre, Melbourne is a city that you'll want to sink your teeth into and enjoy its “on the go” attitude. A leafy bayside community on the 'upside-down' Yarra River, Melbourne is, by turns, cosmopolitan, suburban, cultivated, conservative and an avant-garde haven, matched only by its ever-changing weather.

The programme is very flexible and allows you to choose your:

Industry - select the industry in which you would like your internship to be.
Location – choose between Sydney and Melbourne.
Duration - between 4 weeks up to one year.
Start date – join the programme at any time throughout the year.

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