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Gap Year Australia :: getting a job

Tips to help you get that job!

Getting a job can sometimes be a little difficult as a backpacker because your visa only allows you to work for a maximum of six months with each employer. Don’t worry though! There are plenty of jobs that are that are available to backpackers and some are even for backpackers only. Here are some tips to help you get sorted and ensure you make the most out of your working holiday visa.

  • CV - Before you leave, make sure that you have created a CV and email it to yourself along with references and any other evidence of relevant qualifications that you may need. This will save you loads of time and it means that you’ll have a copy of your CV available online wherever you go. Make sure you change the address on your CV to the Australian address that you’re staying at. Keep it simple and highlight any relevant experience. Making your CV clear and easy to read is essential to standing out from the pack – no-one wants to read through three pages of stuff while looking for bar staff! Two pages is all you should need.
  • Get out and about! - Jobs will rarely find you, so you must get yourself out onto the streets! Ask in shops, bars, restaurants, pubs and clubs. Having experience in a line of work is always going to be a strong advantage. If you are still in the planning stages of your trip, think about getting some experience in the UK which will help you get work more easily. This is especially applicable for bar work.
  • Sunday Best - Make sure that you take at least one set of smart(ish!) clothes, as you’ll need to make a good first impression at interviews. Backpackers can be a scruffy lot, so making an effort will put you ahead of the other applicants.
  • Sitting down job search - Check the local papers for classifieds and weekly job sections and internet job boards too.
  • Get to it! - When you arrive in a town that you plan on working in, make sure getting work is one of the first things you do. Don’t get settled until you find a job, as you may have to move again if there isn’t any work about.
  • Banks and tax - Make sure you open a bank account and apply for your tax file number as soon as you arrive, even though you may not even plan to work for a while. It saves time when you could be desperate for a job and it’s just a good idea to be organised. More details on the essential tax file number here






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